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If your PRUNIT philosophy is intact and conservancy status has been achieved one of the next steps could be having your rehabilitated areas inspected for their potential for release sites for some endangered species.


- This can guide you in future rehabilitation decisions.
- Working with IUCN principles &KZN Ezemvelo Wildlife will help you protect your area.
- Entice more people to be involved.


We at Mariannhill through R. Winn’s involvement with research on black-headed dwarf chameleons for KZN Ezemvelo Wildlife have had the sites rehabilitation declared acceptable and received a population, which seem to be thriving, from a development site.


This has led to more tours and the potential to add even more biodiversity as our rehabilitation process progresses and will add to the long term sustainability of your conservancy.




Night time research of Black-Headed Dwarf Chameleons

Juvenile BHD

Night time release of Black-Headed Dwarf Chameleon

Adult Flap-Necked Chameleon


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